Saturday, November 1, 2014


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  JD Snapz Photography. J is for Joe Owen, D is for Diane Beaty, co-owners, and photographers. Contact us for all your photographic needs.



  I grew up in Urban Pennsylvania, a lovely backdrop for a young girl interested in photography.

It was my grandfather’s fault. He was an avid photographer himself, and was happy to have me hang around with him. It was he who bought me my very first camera when I was but 5. With it, I documented my grandparents’ incredible flower garden, and because we were “beach nuts,” I developed an interest in the clouds and ocean. 

I was the official photographer in high school, and I did take a picture of everyone at the school.

But it was not until I had my first child that I experienced my photographic addiction: There are 98 albums with her as the subject. She does not want any more pictures of herself, she says, and she has no interest in photography. That gene got handed down to my youngest daughter who has the camera bug bad! 

My journey has not been just learning through doing, though that is invaluable. I have furthered my education by studying with some very talented photographers. Some of the workshops I have attended include:

Sandy Puc in Atlanta, Georgia.
NILMDTS Workshop
Kevin Adams Workshop

I have also done print work for the Atlantic City Surf Baseball Team, Greenville News Online, Print work for Philly Fit Magazine, World of Coke promo, Omi Hotel Promo, Old Mill Shoot 9/27/08, Elle Magazine 10/08, World Elite Pagent Preliminaries 2/2010, Daniel Stowe Gardens 3/10, Belle Magazine December 2010, Upstate Recording and Management CD Release Party 6/5/11
In the past, I have led the Upstate Photography Group, I have participated and led Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk. 

JD Snapz Photography is a new business run by two photographers with many years’ experience. It’s a new venture that I am very excited about. Thank you for visiting the new website! Stay tuned for more …

-Diane Beaty 

              JOE OWEN

  When I used to say I had hands-on experience, it had a different meaning. I was in the camera repair business for nearly 16 years, and knew all the professional photographers in the area. Photography was merely a hobby to me then. I could tell you how the camera operated, how to take the pictures; I just didn’t really do it that often. 

Not until September of 2006. That’s when the shop I worked for closed because of the digital camera. Rapid technology made them archaic, disposable, easily replaced with the next new-and-improved generation. There was no equipment to be refixed, resold. 

That meant a reinvention. I had had this connection to photography for years, knew folks in the business, so I began moving toward full-time photography and html web design. Now when I say I am “hands-on,” I mean I am behind the lens as a photographer. 

This joint venture is an exciting one, the culmination of decisions, of planning, of hard work. We invite you along with us for the ride. I just know it’s going to be a good one!

- Joe